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My Priorities

Sustainable Housing

We are living in a time of crisis in relation to social housing and affordable rental properties, we need to provide these in central locations, ensuring high quality, secure homes for all. This shortage is unacceptable, especially when we have so many vacant and derelict buildings that should be protected and restored.

Better Transport Facilities and Local Amenities

Sustainable transport needs to be improved to reduce our carbon emissions and decrease traffic delays. Communities need to be safer and easier for people to walk or cycle around. New developments should be carefully planned to ensure adequate facilities are provided. We spend far too much in this country on road building. We need our government to start allocating substantially more of our transport budget to public transport and walking and cycling infrastructure.

Protecting Our Environment

If we are to tackle climate change, we need strong action from our leaders. We need focused attention on reducing plastic waste, developing community energy schemes and greater support for retrofitting older houses. There are great natural amenities in the midlands. These resources need to be protected and other natural habitats restored.

Education Equality

There should be increased the provision of multifaith and secular schools across the constituency. Every parent should have the choice of education with or without religious instruction.

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