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Green Party Candidate calls for restrictions on referendum and election posters

The Green Party has called for postering restrictions to be brought in for all future referendum and election campaigns.

Speaking ahead of a motion to be discussed at todays council meeting in Athlone, local Green Party Candidate, Louise Heavin said that the eighth referendum exit polls and the Presidential Election showed that the poster campaign had little influence on voter attitudes or decision making.
“It is clear now that social media and local canvassing are the campaign tools of choice for elections and referenda. Posters are environmentally destructive, visually ugly and a waste of money; in the case of general elections, taxpayers money.
“We are proposing that election and referendum posters be restricted by the council to designated sites in town and village centres, where all campaigners and candidates can display their posters. This system works well in many countries across Europe. It would reduce significantly the number of posters being printed and displayed, improve road safety and the attractiveness of our communities. Perhaps over time we could eliminate them altogether, but for now the Local Authority could introduce restrictions.
“These posters waste vast quantities of plastic and ink, most people I spoke to find them repulsive and would not be swayed either way by a poster. I am delighted to see Councillor Hogan bringing this motion forward today and I hope the other Councillors will support the motion.”

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